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We’re a full-service agency offering broad wide range of services.

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🏡 Real EstateWorkshops, UX, UI

Combining hundreds of thousands of property listings with market data, local information and community tools.

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Project 02
Preview Project 02

🛍 Payback RewardsUX, UI

Cash back on your everyday purchases, without changing anything about how you shop and live.

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👨‍⚕ Personal HealthcareConsulting, UX, UI

Eliminate the weeks-long waits and the hassle of making an appointment. Book online, without being put on hold.

Successful online products work because all of their pieces fit together and there is a strong value behind. Let’s make a deal - share your value with us & we will serve your brand by providing those pieces.

We love working with Visionaries & we really believe that you are one. Visionaries love thinking, but do not specifically like executing 😉 We are here to make a plan for your product vision. We listen, analyze, recommend and finally plan the launch of your brand and idea behind. (Market Research, Product Definition Workshops, UX / UI Audit, Brand Strategy)

  • Research
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Workshops
  • Brand Strategy

It is time to have some fun. You need the best skilled people to provide you the outstanding experience that will shine at the rooftop of Empire State Building, are you in? As you see - we are not great copywriters, but you can be sure that you will be served by top quality experts in Design. We will follow processes that we trained working with 74 successful brands from 17 countries.

  • Branding
  • Visual
  • UX
  • Motion

Normally you meet those guys in the end. In our process, they will serve you from the early beginning. Why? To think & share all their thoughts about libraries, APIs, integrations, technologies and other stuff that you do not have to understand, but that can help develop your product faster and smarter (but still brilliant).

  • Software craftsmanship
  • High scalable systems
  • Agile collaboration
  • Mobile and web applications

About usOnly a wide variety of skilled people can create a successful brand. Each brand, each industry, and every single client requires different approaches and styles. That’s why our core value is to discover people’s best skills and serve you with a team that can take your vision and turn it into a successful product.

Michał Parulski
Michał Parulski Co-Founder & Head of Design

Each company needs good Visionary and Executor. Widelab was created by 2 strong individuals whose skills are ideally mixed and who were always super-excited about helping others in building extraordinary products.

Krystian Słowiński
Krystian Słowiński Co-Founder & Head of Projects